How to choose variable frequency air machine?

Summary:Since the motor speed of the air compressor has a linear relationship with the actual power consumption of the air compressor, reducing the motor spee...
Since the motor speed of the air compressor has a linear relationship with the actual power consumption of the air compressor, reducing the motor speed will reduce the actual power consumption. The variable frequency air compressor uses a pressure sensor to instantly sense the actual air pressure and air consumption in the system. Through the accurate coordination of electrical control and frequency conversion control, the motor speed (that is, the output power) of the air compressor can be controlled immediately without changing the torque of the air compressor motor (that is, the ability to drag the load), and respond to the system pressure by changing the compressor speed. And maintain a stable system pressure (set value) to achieve on-demand output of high-quality compressed air.

1. Natural gas consumption. As a compressor equipment installed pneumatically, its main function is to supply air, which illustrates the importance of gas production. However, some industries with high demand for gas sources, such as food and medical treatment, encourage users to think about the use of oil-free machines or post-installation equipment.

2. Stability. Stability is necessary for permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor or other air compressor equipment. A device without stability will cause a lot of trouble to our consumption and bring certain losses to our enterprise. Users are reminded that many domestic manufacturers of compaction machine products cannot meet this request, so you must choose carefully when purchasing.

3. Power consumption. Power consumption is very important to equipment, and the later use cost of equipment is closely related to power consumption. Ordinary air compressors work all day and consume a lot of power. Effectively controlling them is very effective. The permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor effectively reduces the power consumption to a historically low level, saving a large part of the cost for users.

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