How to choose a screw air compressor?

Summary:1. Recognize stress. When selecting Rotary Screw Air Compressors Manufacturers, the pressure and flow at the gas end must be specified. Secondly, the ...
1. Recognize stress.
When selecting Rotary Screw Air Compressors Manufacturers, the pressure and flow at the gas end must be specified. Secondly, the enlarged tube design should be adopted to reduce pressure loss. Usually 0.8MPa pressure equipment is used more in enterprise production. However, the pressure of most machines on the market is 0.6MPa, which is unreasonable from the perspective of use, because the pressure margin of pneumatic tools is too small, and if the distance is too far, the gas transmission distance will not be used.
2. Specify the corresponding volume flow
When choosing an air compressor, the total flow should be calculated in advance, and then the main parameters of the gas mechanical equipment should be learned from the screw air compressor manufacturer. This is just a reference, and the specific parameters need to be determined according to the actual situation of the user and environmental factors. Displacement is also one of the main parameters of the unit. The gas volume of the air compressor should match the required exhaust volume, and leave a 10% margin. If the air consumption is large and the discharge of the air compressor is small, the discharge pressure of the device will be significantly reduced, and the pneumatic tool will not be able to drive. Secondly, it is wrong to blindly pursue the exhaust volume, because a large exhaust volume means a larger motor, and at the same time, the price is relatively high, which will cause energy waste.
3. Consider the gas site and specific standards.
Gas site and natural environment are also key factors that should be fully considered when choosing. If the gas consumption is small, it should be a vertical gas field; if the gas usage changes over a long distance, it should be considered to move; if the power supply cannot be used in the application, the diesel engine-driven type should be selected; if there is no running water, please choose the air-cooled type. Many users have a wrong understanding of air cooling and water cooling, thinking that water cooling is better than water cooling, but this is not the case. Air-cooling accounts for a large proportion of small compressors at home and abroad, because the air-cooling design is relatively simple and there is no water in use.
4. Consider the safety of product quality.
Safety is very important. Air compressor is a kind of pressure equipment, so the safety of its operation should be considered when purchasing. An air compressor with guaranteed quality must be selected. When choosing a screw air compressor, it must be easy to find a large manufacturer, and the brand is guaranteed.

UItra-low frequency speed control technology far surpasses standard VSD compressor systems.Capable of lower than 15Hz operation,this system is truly capable of constant variable pressure operation and significant energy saving.
USoft-start feature allows for little or no impact on the power supply system and marginalises mechanical wear and tear up on start-up.
Leakage is always present in any air system.At full pressure a good system can loose 0.2Mpa.Zerlion VSD machines can reduce that loss by up to 25%simply by supplying the air pressure that is required.
Advanced Vector variable frequency control reduces vibration and noise.The unit can be used without the requirement for a special room.
This means saving of all resources required to install a machine in an external location such as pipe and power lines and land.Oil exhaust output is lower than 3ppm thus negating enviromantal impact.
Utilising frequency control for the cooling fan and drive motor allows for up to 30%energy savings.This translates into less frequent servicing of the screw compressor thus further significant savings are achieved over the life of the machine.